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Steve Roberts

If you are owed money it is empowering to know your rights. However, keeping up with legislation and knowing how to enforce it can be time consuming and difficult.

Owed Money? What to know

Because we collect debts every day we make it our business to be fully versed in all aspects of debt legislation, and we know how to use our knowledge to recover your debt quickly and efficiently. It saves you the time and hassle of finding out where you stand legally or trying to enforce the law.

If you are considering Legal Action for example, it is worth contacting us first. Most of the cases we take on get resolved WITHOUT THE NEED TO ISSUE FORMAL LEGAL PROCEEDINGS. Even if you have already issued a claim or obtained a court judgment we can still help.

If you would like advice on an outstanding debt before committing to our services please call us - we are happy to give you advice free of charge to help you make your decision.

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Why choose K2

  • 30 years experience, high success rates
  • Full nationwide UK debt collection service
  • All debts considered, large or small
  • Commercial and consumer debt recovery
  • Debtor tracing service
  • Proactive - more than just a phone call
  • Fast and efficient - we know what to do
  • Low fee / no fee collections
  • We keep you informed of progress
  • We save you time and hassle

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