Debtor Tracing

"We would like to thank K2 Collections for their very efficient work"
Kinga Pajor, Argos Transalations Sp.zo.o. Poland

If you live or work outside the UK we can still help you, provided it is a UK debt - so the person or business who owes you money lives or works in England, Scotland, Wales or N Ireland.

Collecting UK Debt

We have collected debts for overseas customers in Australia, America, China and several EU countries including Germany, Spain and France.

Trying to collect a debt from outside the UK can be really tough, so why not use our UK debt collection service? Our fees are exactly the same as for our UK customers, and the 'no win no fee' guarantee still applies.

For immediate action please call us on 0333 772 0278, or click here to contact us online

Why choose K2

  • 30 years experience, high success rates
  • Full nationwide UK debt collection service
  • All debts considered, large or small
  • Commercial and consumer debt recovery
  • Debtor tracing service
  • Proactive - more than just a phone call
  • Fast and efficient - we know what to do
  • Low fee / no fee collections
  • We keep you informed of progress
  • We save you time and hassle

We offer a 'no collection no fee' guarantee.
For a professional debt collection service, just call.

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