Debtor Tracing

"We were very happy with the service we received and thank you very much for your work. We will be sure to use your services again in the future and will pass your details onto anyone we think may benefit."
Ashley, Practice Manager, King Chiropractic

Our success rate is high and we know from experience that most debts can be recovered with the right approach.

No Win / No Fee: Our Guarantee

In some circumstances however, even we may be unable to recover the debt. For your reassurance, we therefore offer a simple and straightforward 'no collection no fee' guarantee.

It means that if we cannot collect your debt, we will not charge you.

There are no subscriptions or up front fees to pay. Our no charge if unsuccessful guarantee simply puts you in a win-win, no risk situation.

You may have seen similar terms offered elsewhere, but there are three key differences to our guarantee that we want you to know about:

1. We don't give up after a simple phone call. If the debt proves difficult to collect we will still pursue the case for you, including debtor tracing and site visits as we deem necessary.

2. We do not charge any 'up front' set up fees.

3. If we are unsuccessful we will tell you why we are unable to collect the debt, and we will give you professional advice on what options are available to you.

For immediate action please call us on 0333 772 0278, or click here to contact us online

Why choose K2

  • 30 years experience, high success rates
  • Full nationwide UK debt collection service
  • All debts considered, large or small
  • Commercial and consumer debt recovery
  • Debtor tracing service
  • Proactive - more than just a phone call
  • Fast and efficient - we know what to do
  • Low fee / no fee collections
  • We keep you informed of progress
  • We save you time and hassle

It's your money, so don't wait any longer.
The longer the debt is left, the harder it is to recover.

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