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Your questions answered

No upfront payments - really?

Yes, really! We do not require any upfront, advance or deposit payments at all.

What does 'no win no fee' mean?

Put simply, if we are unsuccesful, we not charge you for our efforts in trying. It means you can use our services 'risk free'.

So how much do you charge?

We charge a low fixed fee, typically 11% for a standard debt, which is only payable against monies recovered. Fees and terms will be clearly stated in advance. You can find out more on our low fees page.

What about free debt collection?

For most business debts we can collect your debt effectively free of charge. this is because you have a statutory right to claim debt collection costs and interest from the debtor. We will do all the necessary calculations and will add cost and interest to the debt as the law allows. If the collection is successful you will receive full payment of the original debt plus interest. Debt collection costs can also be added to consumer debts if your terms allow.

What is Debtor Tracing?

Debtor Tracing is the name we use for finding someone who owes you money. Sometimes people change telephone numbers, or change address and it can make it difficult for you to track them down. Don't worry - we can usually find them. Debtor tracing is all part of the service we can provide, so if the person who owes you money has 'gone missing' we can still help you.

I'm not in the UK, can you still help?

Yes, provided the debtor is based in the UK. We have collected debts for businesses all around the world including Europe, Australia and the USA. We can arrange collection of any UK based debt in sterling, euros or US dollars through our dedicated currency accounts.

What methods do you use?

We are a professional, highly skilled and very experienced debt collection business. We use our knowledge of the law, and our understanding of why debts occur, to reach an agreement with the debtor to pay you what they owe. Our very proactive and comprehensive approach includes telephone calls and visits if required to secure payment of the debt - we do much more than just send a letter! In all cases we are professional, calm, and operate in full compliance or all UK laws and regulations.

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Start your debt collection

No Win No Fee

No risk. If we can't collect your debt, we do not charge - guaranteed.

Low Fees

There are no upfront fees, and our standard collection charges are low.

Debtor Tracing

We can find the person or the business who owes you money.

Outside the UK?

If you're outside the UK, we can still help you if the debt is in the UK.

"I would not hesitate to use K2 Collections again and would highly recommend them."

Karen Kyle, Kylecrest Builders Ltd.

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